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2021 in Review

It has been an exciting year for KLOS and the dark web and an interesting time for many of us. At the present as the year ends people are worried and a lot of markets cryptocurrency or otherwise are depressed. Yet many of us and especially KLOS is stronger than ever before.

Through 2020 and 2021 there were a lot of soft outages where I had to disable users so I could disable SELinux. Since around August this has been put behind us at KLOS. There has been a few hard outages over the year, but work has been done and keeps being done to make that a thing of the past.

I have recently revamped a lot of things on my shell accounts systems. There has been across most shared systems some difficult Gentoo related issues but I have adapted quite well.

My relay system on the clearweb remains secure and in tact and at this point I have had no issues with what it does. It demonstrates that there is still a little freedom in this world.

The security of my servers remains very good when it comes to the backend I provide for my customers, through Gentoo and its portage system used to build it. There have been no issues here that I have discovered and all is well. It has actually been a quiet year in terms of exploits, exluding Log4j as I have 0 customers using Java on my systems.

I have upgraded the Juvenile IRCd which is now very fast and slick and handles flooding and ascii art much better. I might release patches of this which could be fun. Anyway, enough about me.

V2 is gone and dead and thank the heavens! The 0.4.6.x stable series of Tor is more efficient and secure with V3 services. By the sounds of things this series will actually continue to get better in terms of efficiency.

I am noticing services I like such as Dread and other key sites themselves maintain much better uptime. We are heading into a more reliable and less chaotic dark web. This is good news for those of us who rely on it every day of the year for what they are doing.

I am sure there will be more issues and problems for all of us. One however should never lose hope or forget their ego. If we keep fighting the good fight, and building good systems and stable services, we can keep pushing on for the year ahead.

Have a Happy New Year and a very rewarding and fun 2022. By the end of next year things will be yet even better.

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