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Back Online

KLOS has once again came back online from an outage. I have had complaints about the freqency of outages. I have broken promises of less downtime and I have been secretative about the reasons for the outages. However, I assure you it is essential.

The main issue for the outages is certain operations on keeping the system running and up to do require SELinux to be disabled. To disable SELinux safely I must stop all activity by normal users. Thus, downtime occurs.

It is a simple matter of the use case involved. My system runs the code of any stranger who gets an account. To protect the system from this code special measures must be put in place. Most webservers just run the code of the developers of the same organisation that put the server in place.

There are a lot of risks I simply won't take doing my job. You should be glad that someone out there cares. This platform has a lot of quirks and nuiances. Yet in terms of features, when running, it is quite stable and reliable.

I hope that you can forgive my errors in informing users. I do not do this alone, I work in tandem with a rich ecosystem of open source and free software. To keep up with that stream of neverending code I must make decisions which are good computer science, and good for security.

I am not a pragmatist and I will not compromise the logical method of running a secure system in the name of business. The most effective method of hacking is removing the network cable. That might sound like a joke, but it can be a metaphor of real systems administration.

Anyway, the network cable is plugged back in. I am as usual sure this will not happen again for some time. This time, however, I am not making any promises.

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