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Curl update for bad onion operators broke KLOS!

Well, today I had emails from customers where their scripts could not reach onions. I quickly did testing and realised curl does not want to resolve onions anymore. I started some conversations on forums and IRCs about this. It was quite the wild goose chase, and after a wild stab in the dark I fixed the issue in testing. Curl basically means 'see url' and is used in lots of software and is an essential component on my Gentoo servers.

The problem revolves around a feature when compiling curl with asynchronous DNS resolution. It has ended up blocking onion DNS resolution to protect peope who run Tor on localhost. This was the same reason Firefox by default blocks this same behavior. It ruins things for systems of mine which don't use SOCKS and where I have made my own efforts to fix dns leakage.

Anyway, the reason curl changed like this is because of all the newbies that run Tor on localhost. If you use a middlebox system it actually uses firewall rules that prevents these issues.

I have fixed things and I have managed to do it without forking curl. Anyway, sorry for the trouble... If you have emailed the last few days have been a constant clusterfuck of issues on many levels. I will be finally getting to your emails after some 70 hours of delays.

Also, I have been doing updates and such and upgraded the kernel while I figured out the curl issues on my development system.

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