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Some random does a psyop on me on #gentoo-chat

I have for a while over on the Github discussions for curl been grinding my axe about a stupid change, which makes it refuse to resolve onion addresses via a DNS server. This is stupid because Tor has an internal DNS server for transparent proxying. However, the change for many is wise and prevents DNS leakage but you can see my point there on the aforementioned forum post. I simply want an option for those who this Tor's DNS server and not it's SOCKS proxy.

I also grind my axe on Libera IRC's #gentoo-chat and then this happened (the full chatlog), a guy came out and posted 'I am curious why you are an advocate of journalists living in hostile regimes getting arrested and murdered by oppressive governments.' (on line 185, I didn't notice his red herring bullshit before that on line 148 of the full log.)

He then mentioned some things that made him sound jewish, I was asked the change the subject and I was banned. This is a classic example of a troll using a strawman, and a victim card and it is distgusting that I have just been banned like this. I do thing it shows an issue here, where the full context and subject of the conversation was ignored and then derailed to make me look like a bigot.

It is sad that this is what discussion communities become, I do admit my tone and such are not the nicest. It really shows the depth of woke liberal privilege for the worst thing to be happening in your day is me and my abrasive posts and humor.

I hold nothing against gen52 and if you read those logs in full you will see he is being blatantly manipulated. I changed the subject from my issues with the ignorant fucks maintaining curl.

Open source is meant to be about choice and sharing things, and these core tentants are being turned around by those who point the figure and intend to create division where it isn't. I am banned for saying that I am a victim, to someone who claims an environment variable means I want to kill his family and race.

I strongly doubt the troll is jewish, he just knows channel operators didn't tune in until my tone got pretty stern. If your biggest concern is tone, you don't have any real problems.

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