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Blockonomics Callbacks

There were issues with Blockonomics which were a way of doing Bitcoin on ViewPVS. The Blockonomics software requires callbacks from their API to update a site and such. These callbacks do not reach Onion addresses.

So I created an nginx reverse proxy on my 'Infantile' relay infrastructure. It only allows requests with specific variables that are used in callbacks.

I then edited the Blockonomics Wordpress extension so that it asks for the callbacks with the relay clearnet address. Then we put it to the test and it works.

I will implement this for you on your Wordpress site or ViewPVS for a price, but it must be hosted here at KLOS. I will charge $200USD up front, and 50% off for ViewPVS customers. The relays will be free for the lifetime of your account, but are filtered to only do callbacks.

Also, it compels me to remind you all about the 'Infantile' relay infrastructure. We can put sites on the clearnet and the relays have amnesia and keep literally no information about your clearnet users. It is yet another way of reaching out to the anonymous.

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