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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Cyrus is hacked I'm afraid

I remember this from the NASA days

Don't worry, I'll hack off his hands, leave them rolling in pain.

I am now fixing this site, and malware reversal and counter-hacking often come free of charge, if you're a pauper and small site.

All customers can buy malware removal for their PHP sites.

If you want to find malware on your site try using the php malware scanner, it will show you suspect lines of code you can look at.

If you didn't know Cyrus is a blogger who used to run the hosting service CYRUSERV. At the height of his empire he was hosting Honest Cocaine and London Underground. He is known for gimmicky marketing, like hiring an expert troll to impersonate him. This would draw attention to PHP clearsigned endorsements from major vendors and sites. He banned the Pedo Support Community after they refused demands to remove OTR fingerprints and GPG pubkeys from profiles.

As an Aussie mate of mine would say: "He belongs on the inside of a champion pack," whatever that means.

Anyway, I must get to work and fight this Hacker War.

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