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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Darksogs Open Session Group Community

With the same crew involved in managing Refuge Forums, I have been running a Session Open Group Server. Session is a Lokinet based fork of Signal, but does not require phone numbers and users are identified by a very long random address. It is nicely end to end encrypted, with the very reliable cryptograhy used in Signal.

I have only just now gave it a website and a landing and such, and have full confidence in endorsing it. I now want to share the group with more people, and created the wesbite to make it easier for people to use it. It has until now been spreading by word of mouth and such.

It's address is: darksogs.onionstew.network.

A Session Open Group server allows for users to chat but with moderation and management, and messages are end to end encrypted between members. My server operates here on the KLOS server stack via a clearnet relay to a Tor hidden service. You should know that Lokinet is used to reach the clearnet server for the groups, and so many points of failure are involved, so things are a little slow by very safe. There are brief outages from time to time because of this.

To join the server go to the domain above, and get the URL for the Start Point room and paste it into the client, and it should join you.

If you contact me you can have private rooms created for specific Session IDs you have invited, and I will do this for $75USD worth of XMR for a year.

A lot of what is running here is for the community so please donate to the address on the site.

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