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Discipline pays

I have been busier than usual with projects in general. KLOS has been a focus here too, with important updates and many other things. It is actually good to be busy, when I think back. One of the most important things with what I do involved discipline before anyone knew me. Things like checking my email every day, even if most days it was empty.

If you are someone starting out on the underground and wish to offer a service, it is that discipline to stay interested for a decent amount of time that pays off. You need to be there for potential customers every day, and you need to keep checking those messages. Of course, it also helps to know you are going to be of value and that people are actually going to come.

For the Linux savvy, there is more than enough work to go around at the moment when it comes to services and things. If you build up a nest of the sort of things you need to be anonymous on Tor, avoid those issues with exits, and sort out some email service for yourself you could eventually I think find work like me quite easily.

I have been doing this for a while, and if you can do these things you would probably be able to find quite a bit of work.

There are lots of people that need people they can trust to help them communicate and conduct business on the DN safely. The main key is to make a site, and start answering messages from people who want your work. Just do it!

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