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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

The Elusive Mail with a Wallet

I don't always mention my competition. But when I do it is because I am getting just darkweb email from a provider through the clearnet, and it is anonymous and called elude.in. When I went to go further, it took me to an onion as you shall see on that link before. Yet it took me to another page with a hidden service and then it was actually anonymous to me. I accidentially emailed them instead of making an account, and then I found once I had done that a nice suprise.

It has an exchange and a Bitcoin wallet but I can't see any escrow to make it useful. I could test it with some coins, as they might get mixed or something. It could be useful for people who want trades confirmed quickly. The usefulness could be better, and they might have more planned.

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