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Downtime soon, cock.li issues

Cock.li had not been able to send infantile.us (my mail service) email for a few days. I am not sure where the problem is, but I can no longer reproduce anything. I performed no actions on my only mail server, and finally messages have come through. It was probably a glitch over at cock.li most likely.

This might have been an issue with my mail server, and emails from places like cock.li and riseup.net might not work. I've been expecing contact from someone with a riseup email.

So if you have not gotten a reply from me, and it does seem my inbox is quiet (though it is party season) you might want to resend your emails.

The downtime will happen in a matter of hours mentioned in the previous blog. I'm not exactly sure, because the reboot of the full stack is prerequisite of other maintaince tasks. It all depends on how much time that takes.

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