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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Final Solution to TCP clearweb access

I am working on making a major change to how the server accesses the clearnet. Currently, the server has a SOCKS proxy on port 1080 people could use to reach the clearweb through the Infantile Relay. However, most PHP code and such does not ask for SOCKS so implementations can't use it.

I am confiuring 'redsocks' which will transparent proxy all TCP through Infantile. Many sites are broken at the moment. This is because exchanges with price data sites fetch are blocking Tor exits. It has broken ViewPVS to the core. Soon all TCP requests will go throgh the transparent proxy seamlessly solving the problem.

TCP requests for onions will resolve to reserved address space. The unbound dns server will sort out weather a connection is for Tor, I2P, or the clearweb.

This should be finished in a week, we already use the technology at Infantile.

I also am making a new email/xmpp service which will replace Infantile and be called 'OnionStew' - this is because Infantile is assumed by many to be child porn related. It simply has its name because it sounds a bit like volatile and is new and stupid.

Update: It has been done, but redsocks crashes a bit. This will be a rough ride while we do debugging.

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