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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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First picosite vendor store

Originally, I just wanted a secure way to have my own website, with live price estimates for my services. I then decided to make it open source. With that I also chose to market this offering to the bulk of vendors that come by me, which usually want to do orders by email.

The picosite software is highly secure because it has no way of doing write operations. It is more than a static site generator and a bit less than a CMS. To create content one must upload it or edit it on the server. It applies hardcoded extensions to files it reads, preventing it being used for exfiltration.

A vendor came along looking for a site to do email orders. So the Dutchkingz store was born. He had ideas on CSS and design, and I integrated them with the picosite software.

I am glad to be helping such operations.

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