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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Free accounts for devs in our lab

We have a server in our lab, where we test new features coming to Gentoo Hardened or involving security hardening in general. Its an unstable server, and we need more testing done on it to move it to production this year. So we're offering free accounts with this server, however only for people writing their own web application in PHP, webpy, Django, Rails, or you just name it and if Gentoo Hardened has it or a stable overlay we can install it for you so you can develop your web application. We're not interested in static HTML sites so please don't waste our time.

We let you have a copy of your hidden service private key. We don't mind if you profit from your free account, we profit from being able to test it with you. The lab I must admit doesn't have the best internet connection or even power supply. But if you've wanted to write a web application for Onionland and host it somewhere, you can be in our lab absolutely free. People who are helpful and active in working with me to make the server stable could get paid in free services on the stable server, and even made partners to share in the profits of KLOS.

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