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GPG key expiry updates

I have updated my contact details on my contact page to update the expiry for the key for my main key and one of my alternate keys. These changes are also reflected upon in my canary page, where my keys sign all of my keys. It is just an expiry change and this change is measured with my old key if you have imported it.

The key was to expire this year in August, and if you do not update your keyring with my keys it could be a problem. I will be putting this updated key out at other places, at some point soon.

The keys affected: kaizushi@infantile.us, kaizushi@infantile.xyz.

My keys...

Clear-signed verification of all of my keys (text in browser)

PGP keys for email can be downloaded for kaizushi (text in browser). In this all of my keys sign all of my keys, and you can use this for consensus of how many sign how many.

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