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I want the CIA

So I was doing some reading of the worlds finest tech publication The Register. I found something interesting regarding the worlds finest intelligence agency, The CIA, which knows no bounds.

The fools made some severe mistakes in how they hosted secret websites. People were killed as a result, and I think they could outsource this to me and do much better. I also think at this point with some of the political content I host they will one day see this blog post.

If you are a low level CIA blog analyst you should consider buying an account, and a relay since apparently Tor is too much trouble for you. If I can protect drug lords, lolicon peddlers, and jihadists then I can accomodate you.

Maybe I am a bit big-headed and mad with power at this point. Yet I do love a challenge, and you guys are being far too easy on me.

If you're not going to take me out, at least buy me out.

I also promise to everyone else I will not let the CIA dictate policy here. My values and ways will always remain the same. I in fact now am married to a very rich man. But still, I will host your degeneracy and ease your paranoia for prices starting at $12 US dollars.

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