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If I made a market (I'm not)

I was doing some self R&R today and having a break from my usual deal and decided to write about some ideas I have had on the subject of creating a market. I have not created a market, and I must say I have not seen much innovation in this space. There is a little here and there, but I decided to write up my ideas on how markets could be different with the playing field itself we have here. This was a post on my forum which I created for open discussions like this.]

I usually hate talking about this subject, and for writing this I will now for some time get many emails from people with zero-credibility or any real value asking me about it. I know I could do what many have done, and gotten a book on web application development and created some models for user profiles, messaging, and the listings and sales and such themselves. I have read books of this kind, and they really all revolve around creating a system for user accounts and giving them varing levels of access. The end result is a bunch of sites with lots of open information and content belonging to users.

I wrote this rambling long set of ideas on markets and how they could be better because of the problems that exist here. Markets keep way too much information, and when they are compromised or their users are compromised it used against the rest of the market. Law enforcement can take a vendors credentials and then quickly find which customers are buying quantities and such that indicate they are dealing themselves. It is a no holds barred drug war, and LE can then entrap these other parties.

Anyway, I write in the post on my forum about how a market could restrict discovery and give very little information to newbies. Issues of trust between people trading and such can be solved by PGP much like we already do to send address information. As a system this could be very open, and users would have their own shell accounts and home directories and such. All the while, if something like this ever was created it would kick shit like Dread and it's defacto monopoly right off the fucking stage.

I would love any feedback on my ideas there, and what could be added. As for actually doing it, it would be a big job. I might be up for a project this size, but I will say that managing such a site and such is not something that interests me. I do have some contacts and such out there that do these things, that could govern such a site. If something ever is created like this it would come with scammers inventing entirely new scams against it, and ongoing challenges.

I do think that in principle my ideas solve more problems than they create. My advice for anyone with a market presently is to be more open in allowing vendors to list alternative sites and such where customers can find them. It helps us be more resilient. It would be good if vendors started having pages on IPFS and such where customers could continue to find them even if the worst happens.

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