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Juvenile XMPP hit hard

Ah, so the XMPP server has been killed by an expert hacker. It was likely for our safety, it rarely needs an update and is unlike anything else. Every other service is fine, I am going to try fixing some issues here.

There is an extremely bizarre error and then the server just stops. The service and things start, but it just hangs forever. It weirdly seems to actually just keep trying to connect. Someone has found a problem and wants to send a message.

I do have backups of this system at a secure location which should be fine. It is not some attack related to anything of profit, but seems to try and send a warning.

My server runs ejabberd and these are pretty solid servers, and are in Erlang. Fun fact: all SMS messages use software in this language. An evil monopoly is involved, but actually it is usually quite solid.

The bombshell is that I wouldn't be surpised if SMS is also hit. The attack seems quite bad, as Erlang is a functional language where every part is a concurrent thread that handles network related shit, and so issues are usually self contained within.

I seem to have something far more complicated going on, as that bizarre error seems to contain a message of sorts. I am not sure when it will be back online. I really need to sleep, and think about what I've seen.

I will see how this proceeds, any procedures with my backup system will be tomorrow. For now I am just going to try some normal things that might fix it. Anyway, I'll end with this and just say my Titanic has sunk. I am actually impressed someone has crashed the server with this strange error (yet it is still there trying to do your TCP right now, as I write).

Sorry if this is hard to understand, I was trying to enjoy some gaming. The server has been down a while, not many people use it anymore.

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