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KLOS is back online

Well, I have just passed through my darkest peroid doing this work and my longest outage. The issues were caused by a rogue individual, and at the worst time for it. I have decided to move on, and decided on a new home for the server. I hope that nothing like this happens again.

The good news is the new server is faster, and better. This also means I will be considering adjusting the VPS server prices and such. Existing users should notice that their sites now will be a bit snappier.

Admittedly, it took a while to come back because of my own stubbornness, but partly because certain people were not honest with me earlier about the damage. Regardless of any faults, KLOS is here to stay.

Nothing should be lost in the restoration of services here, mostly just a bit of time more than anything else. The backups are of a past point in time, backups were performed on the day of the outage and might be missing a few hours of activity. There isn't much I can do about it really.

If you were not using SSH public keys to authenicate, the backups didn't include your password hashes and you will need to contact me to reset them.

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