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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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KLOS Community Forums

For 2023 I have created a forum so that there can be a community surrounding my services. Anyone can join it but existing customers can request their account be upgraded via email. They will get access to a few more boards. At the moment it only has two forums for technical and general discussions for ordinary users. I think this is wise because it makes easy to find the right place to create a thread.

I will try my best to check up on it daily and I also have my second in command ch3ir4c0n45 as a global moderator. Anyway, please register and introduce yourself.

I reserve the right to purge useless and degenerate people from the forum. This is to prevent it from becoming the endless dumpster fire of shitposts that Dread eventually became. I hope the forum becomes a community for people that actually matter and are interested in technology and enterprise.

It is not for advertising services or any kind of a market, it is for casual discussions. Verified users who do business with me do get access to a board for talking business with other KLOS and Infantile mail users.

Infantile mail is only available to the darkweb's best and brightest, and this should ensure that business related stuff remains quality and reputable.

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