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Major Hardware Failure

There was just a very long and expected outage. It was largely due to factors outside my control. People I depend on the deal with hardware issues took their sweet ass time. A factor was waiting for stores to open, and the length of it owes a lot to the current situation in the hardware market.

I usually don't say much about outages but this was caused simply by the power supply malfunctioning and killing all the parts in the server. The disks seems to have survived.

There could be data forever lost that at the time the server gave up hadn't been written out of caches. All in all the server seems to be working reliably.

I have kept the server in maintainence mode for a little while to check some things. It all seems to be working quite well.

Restoring from such an outage was quite expensive and if you have a little extra send me an email or message on Dread, and fling some XMR my way.

i am once again in need of your financial support

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