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Massive time fuckup

As those who keep up to date on this blog know, we have moved to better hardware. This was something to celebrate, however I forgot an important step in setting up. The hypervisor had never ahd its clock set, and the hardware was brand new. Thus, the time was out.

We can kind of blame Microsoft, the server time would have been right for the East Coast on the USA. Yet the hypervisor system was expecting the system time to be in UTC. So the clocks have been out this whole time, and one should blame me. I failed to consider this aspect of configuration.

The new system has a special server that does a TCP VPN to the Infantile relays. This tunnel will thus provide time, but it also gets DNS queries. I used to use tlsdate but it is depreciated, and on the old system time was kept in sync by the hypervisor when the stack boots.

Anyway, this is a big fuckup which could affect all kinds of things including databases. I hope that now I have resolved the issue that we can move forward.

If your database is trashed the good news is a I have a few weeks worth of daily backups. We can go back in time! Anyway support with all time-fuckup related issues is on the house.

Update: I had to restart the whole damn stack, and there were MySQL issues. Sorry if I fucked your site!

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