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Middlebox changes may change your stuff, but improve most scripts

I have just performed some simple changes to Middlebox systems that provide Tor access to KLOS systems. This is simply for the middlebox to regularly use new Tor circuits. This will improve certain sites such as ViewPVS sites which regularly use the Tor hidden services for the Juvenile clearnet relay systems. It also improves scripts that use other onion services and such regularly.

This will mean that for certain sites, software, and scripts that requests to hidden services will require a new circuit to be established much more often. Establishing a new circuit and such to a hidden service takes a while. My changes here mean that this will be common, and that there will be more delays.

It however I think is worth it and warranted so that overall that more attempts to reach hidden services are sucessful. There are issues where unreliable relays cause problems for circuits, without those circuits being retired so that Tor tries another. My changes basically force Tor into regularly using new Tor circuits every ten to fifteen minutes (or less), meaning that code can just retry things every five or so minutes and things will start working.

If something as of the publication of this blog involving other hidden services (even if they are within KLOS) is not working, please contact me as I will be happy to help you adjust to this new situation.

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