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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Moving Forward

This service may be coming to an end, however all customers will continue to be supported. I was going to call the new service Onionstew, but I am not sure and may decide on something else. The future is bright however, and this service will in the future be much better.

I have for the past few years focused on providing FOSS (free and open source software) solutions to the dark net. Also over the past two years I have developed the picosite software to build this website, and then many others using it. It taught me how much I hate PHP.

I am learning how to make websites in the Python Flask microframework. I want a better vendor store to offer, I also want to automate the creation and management of hosting accounts. I aslo want to automate Infantile and such, and make myself available to many more customers.

The new systems will have a SSO (single sign on) for many services using X509. One will then be able to go into a web interface and enable things like hosting, XMPP, email, and such. I may also develop an openly available interface for the SSO, which will allow one to take their reputation and such as a trader wherever they go.

I have no absolute timeline for the future plans, but when they come to fruition things will be better than ever. The system that exists now has good stability and suits my customers needs. In the future I plan to do the exact same, but on a bigger scale and for a bigger market.

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