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Multiple dumpster fires

Hello, I thought I would write an update on this blog about some of the dumpster fires currently burning here at KLOS. I have a few customers with security issues I am not responsible for. They are not saying I am, but these customers buy things like hosting and backend support. I am not responsible for the issues their web applications are having. I will say that some of these are newer than ViewPVS, and that my vendor store does quite well when used responsibly. There is also the issues of Pygmalion, who I am known to work closely with.

I am treating Pygmalion and what is happening, his absence, and the manager that is in his chair to be quite fine as well. I believe he is just very ill and that the current situation is a compromise. While the current operator of his services has some of his credentials, Pygmalion still has other means to contact me that he has reserved and not used. I am sure that the dark web in a hospital bed is the sort of gymnastics that could lead to a far nastier fall than what is currently going on.

Anyway, I wish everyone the best and the best luck. I will also say that at this time XMR dontations and tips would be nice as I am having some budget issues. Business intake has been good recently, but a wave of word of mouth from my generally impressed customers is at a trough.

XMR: 89HudLA8usBh9G6V8NoobyQ3WD5gWrAGwbx7CatPh5aEPziy794XWvzMLk2bUyUTtVJWSPQHtMJ5piK7k7M1SnnKTAW3w6X

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Enjoy the services!

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