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New Main Page 2023

I have just gone live with a spontaneous main page for this KLOS website. The old main page was very old, and it did carry a good summary of my basic and essential services. However, it has been updated as it had old prices and such. Translation to other languages is coming, but is there in English now.

It has updates and prices, and presents all that I offer (which is a private network a bunch of virtual machines share) in terms of systems and services. It includes information on many of my common business activities. It still has no reviews or testimonials, but I can refer you to many great coleagues, friends, and allies out there on the DN.

Anyway, it should be able to stay and remain accurate for a long time like the old main page before it. Onward with history!

KLOS has been around for about six years at the time this was written.

GPG clearsigned notice of this announcement. I decided to use Dread for once to post the GPG clearsigned announcement

Update ~09:18 UTC, 20th April: There was a Tor services and i2p restart for openssl updates.

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