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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Stability, my new problem (and Dread)

It has been the case that for the past six months that stability of my service has improved a lot. There is little downtime, and even if there is it is not very much downtime. There are some new issues related to unrelaibility in the Tor network, but I have ways to react to that. For my existing customers this is a nice thing.

It is becoming an issue for my XMR wallet as in the past on many occasion stability and such, when I fix it is something that is well rewarded through my XMR tip jar. There is also the fact that most outages have me disable sites where they are replaced with the infamous sad pony, where along with it some information about the instability and promises on when things should be fixed appear. This means hundreds of onions have this page instead of theirs, and people find KLOS hosting because my onion is on that page.

In early days there were stability issues with the stack of systems for this operation KLOS not starting up properly. There have been issues with poor maintaince and electrical issues over where the well hidden server is. There were also issues with outbound relay stability, and on that last note those systems can run fine for years and finally have issues (there have been a few this year) that are disruptive.

Customers will get explainations and there are my posts about them and often I would get XMR tips for being vigilant and keeping at it. In my time there have been hosters, or people who do that but just for their vendor stores and such, and they give up and just leave the scene because they couldn't find a way to improve or solve things and falsely assumed they are doomed. Some of my customers are impressed by this, and reward me for my perserverance.

As for the sad pony message that replaces sites, it tends to advertise KLOS to a lot of people who it happens and I get rewarded with new customer intake and such. All of this I admit sounds a bit silly, as when it comes to these situations, tips of XMR or BTC happen. Therefore I am rewarded more when things are problematic.


Dread is pretty much down and I have been sent alternate onions but I am not foolish enough to log in through them (I wish I setup 2fa, but strong passwords solve many problems here). This as well is making it hard to find interested parties and get customer intake. This also combined with these stability issues really making growth of my business here very difficult. I will add that Dread could have features so my onion is on my profile so even if I am not there, that I am easy to find.

On the bright side with Dread's main onion down, and not in the hashring a lot of us all over the darkweb have better stability. Obviously the attackers want to make life hard for myself, Dread, and all of us.

How to help KLOS

Simply if you are someone who remembers the old times and frequent outages, sometimes as often as being monthly and how prolonged they could be, please show your appreciation (for being stable) by sending an XMR or BTC tip to me. It would be nice, considering small operations like mine are all having these problems.

If this campaign was to get myself lots of money I would invest it in the future, and some of my future plans to stop being a little onion host. You could also request a private tip jar if you wish to forever remind me that you helped, using the email details blow.

As for the Dread issue if you have of those private onions you can send customers my way using the information on my contact page. Help them get an email account and such to do it, and this info will be below with my tip jar addresses. It would be nice if someone could paste this blog onto Dread for me in an appropriate subdread. (I think this suits CafeDread as it a really nice place toc chat about life on the darkweb.)

Thanks for reading this far and please help!

Resources to help...

XMR tip jar address: 4BDeYHFkr9V1776ZBsG6bzJHpm9DZR6VELCTRpaBTPtdeRc4iGPSJatLTKetDD5XtmSGAD38rjAfX7PLMaLzyxwpEoeJmXZ

BTC tip jar address: 15imNfybefhaigEJBLWaMQTMC77339LmER

Mail services...

Sector City Mail

Daniel's Email

klop klop... i am once again in need of your finacial support

Thanks for all those who try to help in these unusual and difficult times.

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