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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Moving ahead with a new update!

I just ran an update in the background, added more resources to the shared web stack, and more. First I got things running on the kernel and then for library/ABI updates I just did a second reboot. This itself gave me two tests of a new feature, where on boot the server has certain services and other things disabled. This can work as a kill switch, and gives me a chance to make some changes to bring the server live.

The stable system we have enjoyed for the past year or so with far less downtime is getting easier and easier to improve, and deploy improvements for. My last blog post was about how a stable system means less outage placeholders that basically advertise my onion in many places.

I could still use donations but one should also readily thank The Linux Foundation and GNU's Not Unix for GCC, and as the next couple of years go by Rust is going to be a bigger and bigger thing. I intend now to roll with stable kernel releases and as I go enable more and more of the cutting edge as I go along.

At this point you can roll with kernel releases without any issues with stability, just the odd reboot every week or so from now, which doesn't take long at all. Kernel development moves at a pretty fast pace, and therefore so does KLOS from now on.

Along with all this is some capacity upgrades, if you poke around in your SSH shell you will see some bigger numbers. It's not the size anyway, it is how you use it.

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