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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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An interview by Pygmalion about who I really am

Quite a while ago I met Pygmalion and he interviewed me, and posted the interview on Dread and other places. He now has his own forum called Refuge, and has reposted the interview there.

Since then we have become close friends, in fact I like to think we are far more like brothers. We are diaposed in a few niggling details about how society could or should run on the small scale. In the grand scheme of things we believe that civilisation is about banishing the initiation of force from society.

I partly post this so people can see an endorsement of who I am and my moral character, but also partly to shill my friend Pygmalion's new forum.

Also, if you are good at making SMF themes, you should contact me as it will be very rewarding for you.

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