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On Dasho Hosting...

I have been doing what I do here at KLOS for some time, and have seen little competition. I recently learned about an emerging player in this game called Dasho Hosting who offers a free VPS. I thought I would talk about this provider and what I see there.

For a start, like myself he says far too much about himself, that he is a 17 year boy in fact which I find highly specific. Everyone who knows me knows they don't actually know me. They also know that I am quite vague.

He offers hosting of a free VPS which would be incredibly generous, and the code that supports his platform is available for free from Microsoft. In that source we learn that this kid is a sad liar, and he offers a free docker container. This is not virtualisation afterall, and the damn image only supports PHP at that.

His policy is pretty open and my sources who told me about him said he originally was 'child love friendly' but has changed that. His current policy however forbids CP even if a site owner fights against it. On my host, where I put much effort into policy, people are responsible for what they upload, much like actual law. He clearly doesn't know how this game is played, and one can apparently DOS his service just by uploading CP.

The person doing this has little respect at all for definition, we can see. He does not know what virtualisation is, and what on Earth does he mean by gross? I recommend if you get hosting anywhere get it with with someone who thinks words should actually have meaning. It is only people who care about meaning who mean what they say.

I am sure in a month or a year this kid is either going to get owned or get bored. Meanwhile, I'll still be here working. Also, I don't need a Git repo because Gentoo already have one.

My platform supports every modern FOSS framework, uses actual virtualisation, and isn't vague and creepy. I am not a teenage boy or girl, though I was quite young when I started doing this. I don't even know if he is behind a middlebox, and I don't think he even has himself convinced he is actually up to the task.

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