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V2 Onion Deprecation

This year Tor project will be depreciating V2 onions. The reason is safety, and these 1024 RSA addresses with SHA1 are not going to remain secure. Also, V2 addresses still use the TAP handshake which is replaced with V3. The existing V2 directory system exposes it to a variety of enumeration and location-prediction attacks. Finally V2 services are not being developed or maintained anymore after the deadline.

V3 is already at a good level of maturity, and come depreciation of V2 it will be moreso. V3 has been the default since Tor and has feature parity with V2. V3 better supports Onion Balance, and the whole network now supports V3.


  • September 15th 2020: 0.4.4.x: Tor will start warning onion service operators and clients that v2 is deprecated and will be obsolete in version 0.4.6
  • July 15th 2021: 0.4.6.x: Tor will no longer support v2 and will be removed from the code base.
  • October 15th 2021: Tor Project will release new stable versions for all supported series that will disable V2

As such I recommend you contact me today about moving your V2 services. I do not recommend letting this issue catch you by suprise. For existing customers replacing your V2 hidden services with V3 does not include the usual fees for a new domain. I am happy to migrate your hidden services for free including making your V2 services redirect.

Of course, there are fees for vanity V3 addresses and if you take the free options your V3 addresses and randomized ones. We currently lack GPU generation tools for V3 addresses which limits what custom names are possible.

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