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Open Source Developments by KLOS

I have published a couple of repositories on my Github as open source. One thing is 'exitkit' which gives you some directions and configuration files for how my 'private Tor exits' work. The other is 'canary-gen' which is a tool for publishing a canary from a template to an SSH server by using the scp command (SSH copy) to copy a file.

I published exitkit because a friend and customer wanted to do their own private exits out of Tor. It is a complicated thing to do using a few different bits of software and all that. There are also principles which if not known could mean a novice administrator does things wrong, it could be fatal to OPSEC. My guide explains all one needs to know. It is written for Debian Linux.

The canary generator I have used for a long time, and before publishing it to Git and announcing it here, I made a lot of changes for safety. It gets a template, fills it in with details from ones config, including the latest news headlines and then PGP signs it thereafter doing an upload to an SSH server.

There is an issues tracker on Github for each project where I will try to answer your questions. Both projects will be supported by me if they are involved in what you do with your services as a customer of mine. For example with canary-gen if you buy hosting I can help you set it up on your (Linux) machine for you.

The exitkit project on Github.
The canary-gen project on Github.

There will be more bits and pieces like this coming out through the rest of 2022!

I also posted this announcement on Dread's /d/HiddenService, feel free to sign up and discuss it.

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