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Outage postponed for one week

There was to be an important outage this weekend. The outage was for the transition to the 4.6.x version of Tor. I have decided to delay this one week until the 3rd of July.

The outage should be pretty short and other than the Tor update it coincides with changes to my infrastructure. I cannot talk in any detail about those other changes.

After this outage there will be no more V2 services supported by my server. If you ignored the news or rationalised about the issue and didn't contact me for transition, too bad!

During this next week all customers using V2 services can contact me for transition to V3 free of charge. This includes up to 6 letters in your onion for free, and if you want 7 you can pay $50. I cannot do more than 7 custom letters at this time.

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