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PHP 8.1 now available for customers

By default and for quite a while customers of my shared hosting package have been getting PHP 7.4 by default. I have now added PHP 8.1 and made the system capable of running both versions, but only one for any particular user. PHP 8.1 is now on the system and available for use.

PHP 8.1 brings many new features including a JIT compiler for faster sites, it deprecates and introduces a lot of other features which will be good for your performance and security. It however does not always work when running code that was designed for PHP 7.4.

If you want me to switch your account to PHP 8.1 from 7.4 please let me know in an email and I will do that for you.

The availability of PHP 8.1 is well overdue and I am glad the job is finally done.

Edit: I can actually make it so some onions on an account run 7.4 and others 8.1.

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