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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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picosite on github & downtime

Downtime info at bottom.

I have put the picosite code on github for all to see. There are two branches used to develop it. The 'master' branch should work, and you can see me work in a branch called 'fiddling' which has extra features. When fiddling tests as working, it is merged into master. It is called fiddling, synonym tinkering because I work by changeing stuff and seeing what happens.

Your site using the CMS does not need to use all the features my site uses. Its main feature is it has no code at all designed to make any changes to the server it runs on. It simply scans for and reads files to build a site. To create files one must put them on the server in the directory with its PHP script.

Although they are right in front of you, let me run you through the features. You get multi-language support, a blog and the latest blog post displayed on all pages. You get a way to include files in your pages, good for displaying a canry uploaded. It has an area for guides to be written, and this in a future release will be more generic and be called subpages. It has a price list system and PHP-CLI script for cron to get BTC/XMR prices. It has a menu that automatically generates and a custom menu above that appears in your choice of order for selected pages.

It also does not use any of these features unless you create pages and use picosite syntax to activate them. Page files are HTML and my syntax should not be used my anything else. The template is a simple 31 lines of CSS and HTML. It is all currently contained in one PHP script including the template at the very bottom.

This CMS is useful for people who want use git/rsync/sftp to upload your canary automatically and save copy pasted and editing files, give updates to customers on a blog, and display estimates in XMR and BTC units of what products will cost, and writing guides on how to use your goods or services.

It is my first solo PHP project for a useful thing that is used in production. I would love a code review so start reading the code and email me at kaizushi at infatile dot us or leave something on the report an issue on Github.

It also comes with Rainbow Dash in the corner free of charge!


There is an issue where passwords are forgotten after recent changes to the Infantile infrastucture. As such the Infantile VPS servers must be taken offline. As such the server will lose its ability to reach clearnet services such as crypto exchanges.

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