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Possible Outage on August 28th

Since the time I have started this service there have been outages on weekends every few months. These outages happened because I had to stop user activity to disable SELinux which was required to update the system. I believe this to be a thing of the past and updates should be possible now with zero downtime for users.

On the upcoming Saturday (in UTC) I will be putting this to the test. I will be updating the system without having to disable SELinux, and on a similar system in controlled conditons this was possible. There is still a small chance that due to some unforseen issue that this is not actually possible.

In the case that I do end up once again disabling user activities to SELinux I would be shocked. I am sure that things will go as planned and if they do it proves that this new update method works. If there is any downtime because this fails it should not be for very long, and not near as long as the five to nine hour outages that would happen before.

Anyway, wish me good luck on Saturday!

There will be for just seconds some downtime for service restarts to get the server running the updated code. There will be an outage for minutes on this same weekend to reboot into a new kernel.

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