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A quick fix for our Refuge!

I have just made some major improvements for a community I help maintain for Pygmalion, his Refuge Forum. Once again, these applied open source software to solving a problem for someone. I like to do things this way because of the benefits of open source software, when it has a consenus and is actively maintained and scrutinized.

My improvements free the forum from JS requirements and the forum is now functional and pretty in Tor Browser on Safer. It looks a lot less pretty without JS at all, but remains functional regardless. The changes fix a problem in user registration and people can register without JS.

I thought I would mention this here because installing SMF and a theme for a new customer is pretty easy, for a bit more I can support you for your first month as things go along. I will do this install and the theme for a one time cost of $25 USD, on a $12 a month shared server account. For the same, but some support and help in using the software I will do this for $75, with your $12 a month hosting for the first month free.

If you wanted a solid foundation for a darkweb community I can certainly help you. I also run the same software on my own forum, so you can see my work. The main difference between that, and what I demonstrate here is just the color theme.


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