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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Relay system improved, announcing OnionStew

Because at KLOS we like existing free and open source software to work on a darkweb server, and because customers sites need reputable access to third party web APIs, we have the "Infantile" relay system. The server is behind a Tor transproxy on another server. There is a second transproxy using SOCKS to VPS systems we obtained anonymously, for anything that isn't a hidden service.

This system when it was first created was unreliable and clunky. It was also severely limited in DNS capabilities because of the nature of Tor. On this network there is no UDP protocol which DNS liks to use. There is a UDP DNS server in Tor, but it only does A records. Thus for email to work, I had to fix that. There was much to improve, and the reason the service was called Infantile was because it is 'new and stupid' but now that is changing.

I have taken out many points of failure in this system now. The new system replacing Infantile is called 'Onion Stew' and is more mature and reliable. It is even in fact 30% faster as well, and with the Onion Stew relays working I can get to work on Onion Stew services.

Onion Stew is going to be an XMPP and email service with both systems using OpenLDAP. Unlike Infantile XMPP which is Oion facing, Onion Stew XMPP is going to run on a clearnet domain onionstew.network along with email. It will federate quite nicely with normal XMPP servers. Yet the clearnet side of things are just relays to a properly hidden server, and the actual services are well hidden.

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