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Secmail is finished (and a coming outage)

As of waking up today I have discovered that the Secmail hidden service is no longer online. Last week I noted in another post that their clearnet domain had been seized. I suspect the owner has shut down the operation and this confirms they will not just be moving to a new domain. There is a small chance that it comes back with a new domain, but I find it unlikely at this point.

There has been no information provided by the secmail operators about any of this. This tells me that they probably are not going to move to a new domain or fix anything. Surely they would announce doing such a thing. The lack of communication I am sure leaves many unprepared.

I have created a discussion about this issue CafeDread.

If you are a secmail user and KLOS customer there are ways you can prove that your KLOS account is yours. You can make a change to your account such as creating a file in your home directory, or some kind of web content. This should allow most users to contact me with a new email and prove who they are.

Here are some alternative providers...

Daniel's email service
Elude emaul service

Also, there is an outage next weekend.

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