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Server cleanup performed

I have performed a cleanup of the server and old sites being hosted by people who are most likely freeloading. Having a site without billing is a feature of sorts here, at least it has been. One reason is because of the way my system works which seperates the server, people's account details and contact information, and also payment details in seperate places. It usually is not much of a problem, as dormant sites use few resources when they do nothing.

I am sorry if your site was disabled by accident in this cleanup. Just contact me and I will get your site back online as soon as possible. If your site has been disabled and you want to renew let me know, and I will see what I can do. The cleanup has freed up ram which has been spent on idling PHP-FPM pools, and my server should be much faster now for users who pay their way.

I will be keeping home directory and site directory files for the deactivated accounts for a few months, and this should give most users time to reactivate. I do recommend that you keep backups of your files on your machine, and if you need help doing this contact me.

Please remember to request invoices on time, as I might change my policy and start introducing a penalty fee for repeat offenders, especially when their site itself is active and profitable.

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