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A recent rise in sick-fuckery

I am getting some bizarre requests, and I need to make something absolutely clear in this blog post...

In my policy it is fine for sites to have content of those upper ages, above 15, as it has said from the beginning. The definition of exploitation is broader than this, but this rule is actually more about people who might want to do community/social type sites and have this kind of content from the many drug affected teenagers, and it might not be exploitation.

There are those who would prefer these fine young people be arrested for child pornography, registered as sick fucks for life, and all sorts of statist bullshit. Because of this I draw a fine line, and exploitative content which clearly evidences a disregard for consent is terrible to me.

I have for some reason had a recent increase in the interest in sick content, and you people can fuck off. Seriously, kill yourselves. I will take your money and host nothing. I don't know where you come from but this is my property, and you are just clearly interested in exploiting second hand content by others (and much worse things).

I exist to create truly voluntary arrangements. I have actually never hosted much content of this sort in any way. I also can't have people getting my honest customers banned just by posting underage dicks on it.

Simply, I am not going to fucking alienate teenagers in a community/social context, as long as it is just one individual themselves and not some soggy, stinking collector.

But Lolicon is still fine because it is art!

this is art, are you fucking german?

I am yet to host any so please feel free to translate my policy into Japanese. If you are a crazy schizophrenic who cannot read I suggest you go to Archetyp Market and get some quetiapine. I am very tired and don't have time for this perverse bullshit.

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