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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

Stable and Ready to serve!

Our server has been running stable and out of beta for about six months. We have had pentesters work on it, we've tightened and loosened various parts of SELinux. The result is a secure but highly compatible service.

Our dedication to providing a hardened but user friendly Linux server gives you the power to use a large variety of open source web software. This allows people to use existing peer-reviewed code that is secure and useful to their goals.

We have some plans for the future with hardening. When community grsec is back in sync we'll be working on Role Based Access Controls. These will enable us to secure the system more.

We won't be doing big changes on a live server anymore, since it has a few customers now. We have a concept server in my home lab where I now develop new features.

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