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System Failure

I just got to my system this morning and there was a failure because the system ran out of disk space. I have fixed the issue and purged some large logs from the system. The logs were backed up beforehand and now everything is running.

The problem did not break the everything but it did cause MariaDB to stop working causing database errors. It also would have disrupte d writes to anything in /var such as web directories.

It happened because I was away and then asleep and I did not see it coming. A problem in this kind of business is that I work alone and can only be in one place at once, and only asleep or awake.

I am now going to take some steps to prevent this from happening again today.

Static sites and picosite kept working despite this problem. I recommend if your site depends on a datebase and you wish to remain presence during a DB outage to have a static one. KLOS shared server accounts have alternate domains which can be used for this.

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