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Expedient system update

There has been an outage to do systems updated. This was not announced and done out of necessity, but it includes some changes to the system. These changes had been planned for a future update. The update required these planned changes to be done immediately.

This update brings in Python 3.8 and removes Python 3.6. The default system Python is 3.7. There are also changes to Ruby but no users are using that. If you have Python 3.6 scripts they may no longer work. Upgrade your software accordingly or request that I do it.

I have improved the systems DNS infrastructure and it's ability to reach the clearnet through our private exits. There are now two DNS servers each with their own independent connection to our clearnet servers. This seems to have fixed issues where DNS fails because of a Tor circuit collapse.

The attack on the Tor networks consensus that prevented V3 addresses working appears to be completely over. Our fix for this was to restart Tor on our clearnet relay systems every hour. As a result every hour there are some brief problems with the private exits. I will very soon be ending this restarting, and hopefully everything keeps working.

I am considering deploying a system for PHP 8 development. It will be much like the existing shared server but run beta PHP. I am not sure if anyone is interested, but if you are you should let me know. A server like this will allow the development of next-generation Onion servers. It is possible that the current shared server will be merged with this one when PHP 8 becomes stable.

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