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The great spill of 2019

I had been using 100% of CPU on the server to generate 9 letter V3 vanity addresses. The server overheated and died, but that was fine because I had a spare. While replacing it, I managed to kill the spare by accidentally spilling coffee into it, and so I had to go out and buy a new blade for the rack.

Future outages like this are unlikely, as I will limit the vanity generator more in future. I actually did a proper BTU budget, but I missed the heat output of busy hard drives in a raid resync. It happens every sunday, and I am scripting the system so the V3 generator shuts down for a raid resync.

Technically its ran it odds, so I've actually not lost work. doing vanity addresses. If that seems wrong, well, our whole method of cryptography without quantum crypto, is basically reseting on the probabilistic fallacy, or gamblers fallacy.

And that is how we had the 48 hour outage.

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