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Unexpected outage to investigate instability

I came to find some hidden services and such were not working and the number was growing of those that stopped. The Tor network can be a bit chaotic but usually one just has to be patient and dilligent in trying to reach them. In this case new circuits and identities did not work to restore downed services. I decided to take the system down to make it easier to investigate and also so people would be informed when other hidden services I host went down.

After an investigation I have found some problems related to the instability which are related to how the middlebox system is created. These seem to have been mitigated as I found a way to reproduce the problem, and then fixes meant that no longer did and that things kept working. I cannot be too specific because of security to give exact answers about it.

I will say that there was nothing online about the bug I found which is why this took my own efforts despite being related to the Tor daemon on the middlebox. Anyway, I think we are out of the woods and see how things go but this problem took many hours to develop after the bug happened from an update in the planned outage. Instability could occur again if there are more similar problems.

I do think things will go fine now, but we will wait and see.

If you are waiting for service as a customer I need some rest after all this, but I will get to your emails and messages soon.

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