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Unexpected Outage for the 25th of May

I came to find many hidden services not operational again according to accounts from users. I have been contacted by a small amount of my users that their services were not working properly. There was a problem like this last week and I had an outage to fix the issues. The fix did improve things a little.

This time there was an issue with an essential hidden service to the Infantile mail service which affected IMAP, POP3, and SMTP access and also the webmail. This is the first time the bug affecting hidden service availability affected my own hidden services that I use daily.

I decided to take the service down into maintainence mode where users services on HTTP were replaced with an outage notice. This put the server into a state which makes testing easier and repairing this. As far as a fix goes I have decided to use an approach similar to last time where I rebuild Tor and its dependencies.

This time I am rebuilding the entire system which is used as a Middlebox including the kernel. There are also some other things I am doing alongside this to reset the state Tor is in on all instances on the middlebox of Tor. This should fix most of the possible problems.

Hopefully now the system will run stable now and services will remain online.

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