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Unexpected Outage

Once again there were issues but things came back as expected. Nothing I did caused this and there were unforseen circumstances. It was also such a long outage because of the same problems (people). I am sorry about this but things are working again.

I hope things keep running smoothly and stay online, and remember while outages are common here things are much improved. At least my mistakes are not bringing things down as much, and my improvements allow Gentoo rebuilds without disabling SELinux and stopping user activity to do it.

I have had little sleep and may not get back to emails until I have had some rest after a long day.

With the time of this outage it is likely your emails to Infantile Mail have bounced, and you might need to resend them.

I could not be on the #kloshost channel on Libera because my SASL keys were on a shell account on the downed server. This will not happen again!

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