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Unusual Tor Chaos

I am getting information from various customers about failing circuits to hosted onions. The problems that happen are shortlived and actually by the time I try a service myself the problem does not exist. It seems the Tor network is being more chaotic than usual.

I am going to be here trying to monitor the situation and catch the problems as they happen. I have gave the middleboxes that run Tor and handle the requests some restarts that hopefully clear up the issue.

I recommend that when it comes to using onion addresses to be patient and when things fail try new circuits and identities before giving up. I hope that the restarts I have done prevent the issues.

At this point there is nothing really unusual in any logs related to Tor and the provision of onion hidden services. The Tor Network is a chaotic and complicated thing. I think that the issues some customers are having is a case of Murpy's Law.

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