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System Updated on Nov 21

I have just made a significant update to the system which will have many benefits. One of the biggest areas of improvement is that the system has much higher performance. Memory consumption has been significantly reduced and this adds more capacity as well (on the shared server). This is good news because worldwide economic woes for now make it hard to get a bigger server.

Coming soon to my system will be a switch from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.0 and hopefully this does not cause anyone issues. The change has to come and really has been waiting too long. The switch to PHP 8.0 will occur in early December, within a few weeks. This might be a problem if your codebase in PHP is old and uses depreciated features.

One should find the server to be snappier as a result of the updated. I was able to update the system once again with interrupting users which is good news. Hopefully it keeps running well and without issue.

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