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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

Join the KLOS Community Forum to chat darkweb. (i2p helper)
We also sponsor Juvenile, a links list and communications server.

Discuss Open Source projects on the KLOS forum

I have been this year running my own forum software to the KLOS into a community. If you are a KLOS user, an outside observer, or a fan you can use my forum. I am free for pretty much any kind of chat there that does not break core rules. Simply, no CP and no terrorism.

This forum gives you a place to discuss my open source projects. There is a board for Picosite, and another for Exitkit. This gives you access to my advice, and the public wisdom behind these works. There is a variety of other things I make open source.

I hope to see you on my forum.

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